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Activation come and gone....

17th May activation date for broadband

No tone on line since 17th May, 

2 calls to nowtv, both times case transferred to tier 2. 

2nd call prioritised tier 2 investigation for today 25th, 8 days past activation date with bugger all service.

Waited alday today for tier 2 communication, staring at a god damn router orange light. Green! Nope orange.


Anyone one got a clue?


Line was fine now nothing. Nowtv blaming openreach, can't speak to openreach. Nowtv tier 2 no contact. 

Now 21:52.

No communication from nowtv. 

Possibly tomorrow? 26 may. Fingers crossed eh. 

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Legend 5


Replied to the other thread you started.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help