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Account not matching bills

I have been using nowtv for years with same account. After purchase of new firestick I have tried to log into my account. When I log in using my email it's saying no account. I did an account search and it gave me the same email I always use. But it is saying I have no packages or previous bills. I have been billed every month for 5plus years with cinema, TV and kids. I am able to watch everything on my old stick why can't I log in and why is my previous bills not showing in my Nowtv account but all are showing taken from my bank account 

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I could make some suggestions to try, but to save you some time it would be quicker to get in touch with NOW live chat where they can bring your account details up on their computer screen and assist you further on the matter.


Use the green chat online button from this link page below to get in touch with live chat.