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Account locked for a week

Frustrated of no service here.


I’ve had to post this with a different account as mine is locked!  It has been for over a week.  I’ve talked on online chat several times/days over the last week, the chat always goes along the lines of

1. I explain issue

2. I’m told the relevant team is looking into it and will be in touch 24-48hours from now.

3. The agent will personally follow up to ensure it is resolved.


It’s still not.

Now today I’ve had 2 agents close chats on me (I have the logs) as i guess it’s getting a little difficult when I don’t accept the above as an answer.


My frustrations:

1.  If my account was locked for odd behaviour why on earth wasn’t I as account holder told - this is customer service 101, if my account was possibly breached I need to know!  I work in IT and frankly this is basic customer service.

2. Getting told the same thing over and over is incredibly disappointing when I have no evidence this is being looked at from the ‘relevant’ team.

3. I’ve lost a weeks worth of packages that I’ve paid for (incl sports).

4. There doesn’t appear to be any way for me to talk to anyone other than the online chat where it is Groundhog Day.


Appreciate it if someone from NOW TV reaches out to me.  Right now I see no reason to stay with this service even when it is eventually fixed.

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Re: Account locked for a week

How do i actually get this fixed?

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