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Account cancelled without notice

Good afternoon.

I tried to watch the F1 this morning however when i tried to use the app, it says i didnt have a membership.  I have a sky sports membership package, which i renewed a couple of months ago.  I checked on the website and it showed i had no membership.  

I checked the payment page, and it shows that a payment was declined.  So, rather than email me to let me know this so I can fix it, or phone me, so I can make the payment, you cancelled my whole account, without notice.  Oh, and you thought it was best not to tell me the payment was declined or cancelled my account.

This is a breach of contract and a breach of trust.  I have tried to find a way to speak to someone directly about this but it is impossible.  Why did you cancel my account?  Why did you not call or email me to tell me that my payment was declined or you had cancelled my account?  Why did you breach your own contract?

Please respond and let me know how you will refund me money for breach of contract!  I will not sign up to a new sports package as it is 75% more expensive that my previous contract, which you decided to cancel without notice.

This is very poor behaviour.


I can also see on the website that there are early termination charges if the user cancels their account early.  These charges also apply if NOW cancel the account early, so I will require a refund for the months i was contracted for.


I have just tried to add my payment card details onto the website, entered card details three times, and yet again, it keeps showing I have not uploaded my details.  Please can you confirm why you keep wasting my time and accept my payment details!

Elite 3

@Tim no one from Now is reading your post as this is a community forum eg customer to customer.

The Terms and Conditions are at the bottom of the page and clause 9.4 is the relevant bit for you.

9.4 In any event, we may immediately suspend or restrict your use of all or any part of the services and/or content, and cancel any membership and/or viewing add-on (including during a minimum term), without refunding or compensating you and will immediately suspend or restrict your access to any part of the service to which a subscription fee you have paid relates if:

9.4.1 You fail to make a payment you owe us or if your payment method fails;

If you still feel you have rights on your side, make a complaint.