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by moroboshi on ‎30-11-2013 00:43

So the PS4 is out at last in Europe and it has a decent selection of streaming apps at launch. BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and LoveFilm are all present. MUBI will also be arriving too, which for those unaware of it is a nice little movie streaming service for art house, indie, and non-English language things.


Now TV is conspicuous by it's abscence.  It's not as if the launch of these new systems crept up on you from nowhere.


So what's up? When will you have a PS4 Now TV app? This side of the new year presumably?

by scooter42 on ‎15-12-2013 23:51

I second that! - I have just upgraded from ps3 where I can watch now tv, to PS4 where I can't! - so should I cancel my membership?



by drwizz on ‎23-12-2013 18:16

I second that if the ps4 isn't supported I will be removing my subscription 


by Haxx on ‎29-12-2013 11:32

It is very disappointing. I have stopped buying day passes and going to a pub instead... buying a bear with the day pass money :smileytongue:

by supercop4711 on ‎06-02-2014 13:17



i have just taken delivery of my Playstation 4. Please can you explain why I am not able to access my Now TV. It seems to work well on other devices. Please resolve, otherwise I may cancel subscription.

by lovesky on ‎06-02-2014 21:25

When will I be able to watch Now TV on my PS4??  Thanks

by DAVEPA on ‎15-02-2014 17:17

I've also purchased a PS4 , I'm really disappointed to see there's no Now TV app. Netflix and Lovefilm seemed to have managed to get an app on from launch.

by sdfsdffsdfsdfsd on ‎17-02-2014 12:35

When will NowTV be on the PS4???

by kermyt69 on ‎26-02-2014 18:41

Time to cancel, give kudos if you are cancelling it might hurry things along if they see enough votes.

by Bennibop on ‎23-07-2014 16:01

Now TV is now available on PS4!

by PaulNorman on ‎23-07-2014 18:02

The ps4 is a pile of poo! Xbox one all the way... You'd think they would have done the Xbox one first?