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Now tv on virgin tivo

Status: Declined
by Houghton86 on ‎22-09-2013 22:37
Would now tv be put as an app on virgin tivo now there is a netflix app piloting and a lovefilm one one the way would be good to see now tv on there
Status: Declined
by Community Manager on ‎30-09-2013 13:42
Status changed to: Declined
by Community Manager on ‎30-09-2013 13:44

Hello Houghton86,


There aren't any plans for us to offer an app for TiVo devices. If you're looking for an easy way to watch NOW TV on your TV though, you could always consider the NOW TV Box?





by MartynDrake on ‎30-09-2013 13:46

Given that you can buy Sky Movies (HD) via Virgin - there doesn't seem to be much point (can see this idea is declined, and understandbly so).


That said, Virgin's On-Demand system is about as much use as a donkey in space (or at least it's been giving me enormous problems over the past few months) - so wasn't worth me paying £26 a month extra via Virgin.