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Full movie list

by HOLLYY on ‎22-09-2012 15:45

Is there any way to see a full list of movies that are on this website rather than a few that have been selected for each category?


Seems like you have to search to find anything and its quite annoying when youre just browsing for a film rather than have one specifically you want to watch.


by jonny288 on ‎26-11-2012 20:42

Well that's at least 9 of us waiting for an answer, plus the OP. At free this is good value, but tbh if someone from customer services can't answer basics like this then i'll be adding movies to my Virgin pack and doing it it that way (with the HD!)

by charlies on ‎26-11-2012 21:14

So is there a list?  Anyone... anyone... Bueller... Bueller...



by stroudsco on ‎27-11-2012 01:20

Ok I see you have to search for each film to see if its there - where is a list of every film - this is a real nightmare :smileysad:


by Indra on ‎01-12-2012 15:38

I need a list this category thing sucks.

by kezbabybabe on ‎05-01-2013 16:12

I agree with this. At the moment I have to use Sky Movies website to see the whole list of films that are probably available on NowTV, as that is what is fuelling this service.


Would definitely like to see a 'Show All' option on NowTV's website.

by oddeyes ‎19-01-2013 16:43 - edited ‎19-01-2013 16:47

It's quite simple really

by JamClark on ‎06-02-2013 05:29

A full movie list would be a great idea.  And don't include the trailers, specials, and key moments/highlights (that are cluttering the James Bond movies and others).

by samson007 on ‎11-02-2013 22:20

Hello anybody from now tv listening!? we would just like to be able to view a full list of the movies available, surely thats not too much to ask??

by Saldejums on ‎25-02-2013 19:40
This is a trivial feature that should be available. The 'featured' page is nice, but users should really be able to browse through the entire library easily. I find myself searching for movies indivudally instead of being able to browse and find something taht takes my fancy. On a side note, there should also be a 'Queue' so I can find a list of films I want to watch at a later date.
by ukjoe90 on ‎18-05-2013 20:14

Hi all am trying this and NO NEW list is BAD