Bring Now TV to Virgin Media for the same cost.

Status: Declined
by Toliver182 on ‎17-07-2012 08:02

Simple as stated above.


Allow Virgin Media to have access to this via there on demand menu options and charge the same price you are charging everyone else.

Status: Declined
by NOW TV Team on ‎27-08-2012 22:27

We're always looking for potential new partners and currently this isn’t on
our development list,




by NOW TV Team on ‎27-08-2012 22:27
Status changed to: Declined
by mika19801234 on ‎06-07-2014 22:41

hi greg



          what about teaming up with freeview as that help you free channels on now tv when you wish to do

by GraphiteGB on ‎07-07-2014 03:21

Its allreeady available on the Freeview IPTV box called Youview...

If you pay out for the Youview box you can access  limited NowTV content...

But there no point doing that as the NowTV box is only a £10... 


Sky Is not allowed to expand on the Freeview FTA platform as BBC is worried about losing even more viewers...


The BBC is building a Replacement for the Youview IPTV box because youview has been taken over by to many PPV content providers... and both BBC and ITV have now given up on that platform...

by PaulNorman on ‎07-07-2014 12:04

Why would anyone with a TiVo want this? They would have access to the entertainment channels through virgin... Sky sports at £10 a day well just subscribe to sky sports through Virgin be cheaper. Movies... Nobody would bother to pay virgin for the movies as it would be cheaper through now tv so I can't see virgin allowing that!

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