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Setting up NowTV on YouView

Is it me, or is it pretty unintuitive to set NowTv up on a YouView box?


I like to think of myself as a fairly tech-savvy chap (I build websites for a living), but its taken me around fifteen minutes to work out that the way to set NowTV up on YouView is to go to On Demand, select PayTV, ignore the subscribe now splash screen, click on continue, choose a movie, click watch, ignore the splash screen again, and then you get to the login page.


Just a small suggestion, but maybe a few instructions on the website, or inside the player might be an idea????


Obviously, if its just me being a bit of a luddite deep down, then fair enough! 


btw - how come the login prompt can't cope with using the text buttons on the remote (like the youview box search function, and similar to old school SMS)? moving around an on-screen keyboard took me back to my arcade days!



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Re: Setting up NowTV on YouView

Hi thewisebunny,


Thank for your feedback.


You need to sign up to NOW TV online via your PC, Laptop or Mac. If you've done this, the NOW TV app will already be preloaded onto the YouView box, so just sign in and you can watch our movies.


We are always improving our service, so we would appreciate if you posted your suggestions into our My Ideas section.


If there is anything else we can help you with, please don't hesitate to contact us again.






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Re: Setting up NowTV on YouView



It is very simple to setup on the Youview platform as the NowTV app is already available to you.


For all on-demand players on the unit, you must


press the blue 'y' button

choose on-demand

choose players

then select whichever player you wish to use


when you select NowTV it will load and you have an option to sign in using your account details from when you registered online via computer as DianaH mentions.




NowTV Customer using Roku 3, NowTV Box and Youview (BT/Retail) Boxes
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Re: Setting up NowTV on YouView

Thank you for the info on how to find Now tv on my Youview box coz i was pulling my hair out. Not very clear at all..........

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Setting up NowTV on YouView box seems inpossible

[ Edited ]

Dear Diana

I am a NowTV subsciber and have two devices registered. When I got a YouView box, I assumed I could log in and use that interface. However when I log in via the YouView box, it only shows me a menu for buying movies and will not show me my account details or allow me to access my NowTV package which is the "Entertainment" package. This is very frustrating as I am also told to solve this probelm I should use the online site which will not allow me to add a youView bos either.

any advice?


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Re: Setting up NowTV on YouView box seems inpossible

The entertainment pass isn't available on YouView. Only Movies are available on YouView and Live Channels are not included, only On Demand.
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Setting up NowTV on YouView box with just the Entertainment package is impossible...

Dear Stuart
Thanks for the information, I would've been trying for ages!

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Re: Setting up NowTV on YouView


I am both a NOWTV and Youview customer and I am unable to watch Game of Thrones as it only allows me to watch films, I have paid for an entertainment pass and I am unable to watch TV programmes. I hope you can help. 


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Re: Setting up NowTV on YouView

Hi HazzaBazza, 


Thanks for getting in touch. 


At this moment in time Entertainment is not supported on YouView. 


For a list of devices that Entertainment is supported on please click here


I hope that this answers your question. 







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Re: Setting up NowTV on YouView



You need to make it much clearer on your website that some devices don't support all the passes - I've signed up for the entertainment pass thinking I'd be able to view through my youview box and can't. I see it is included in the small print at the bottom but this is hardly obvious.


Will I be able to access the content through my Xbox 360 or is this also not supported for the entertainment pass?


Is there any plan to make the entertainment pass available via the youview box?