NOW TV gets bigger and better with new 24-hour pass to Sky Sports By Tom-R | 31/01/2013

Sky plans to give millions of people a new way of enjoying live sport by making Sky Sports available through its internet TV service, NOW TV, on a simple, pay-as-you-go basis.


For just £9.99, customers will be able to get unlimited access for a 24-hour period to coverage from across all six Sky Sports channels. The new service will mean that sports fans who don’t already subscribe to Sky Sports can choose to access a one-off event, like the Monaco Grand Prix or Masters Golf. Equally, they can enjoy a full day of great action across Sky Sports, which offers live coverage from the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, England Test cricket, Heineken Cup rugby, ATP tennis, NBA basketball, NFL and much more.


The innovative 24-hour pass from NOW TV is the first time that Sky Sports has been available with no contract, set-up costs or installation. NOW TV, which already offers instant access to Sky Movies, is available across a wide range of internet-connected devices including PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone, selected Android smartphones and Xbox.


The launch of Sky Sports on NOW TV in spring 2013 is another example of Sky’s commitment to give customers more choice and flexibility in the way in which they enjoy its content. The company is taking advantage of the rapid growth of connected devices to create a highly complementary alternative to the great value and choice provided by the existing satellite TV service enjoyed by more than 10 million families.


Commenting on the announcement, Barney Francis, Managing Director of Sky Sports, said:

“The launch of Sky Sports on NOW TV is an exciting step forward. We want to open up more choice for sports fans by offering a new and flexible way to enjoy the best live coverage across our six channels. This is a way for us to reach new customers and bring the excitement of Sky Sports to an even bigger audience.”


NOW TV launched in July 2012 with Sky Movies, offering more of the latest and biggest movies at least 12 months before any other online movies subscription service.



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