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Very poor quality on PS3

I signed up for the 6 months deal on Groupon but to be honest I am appalled at the quality of the streaming.  I do not use appalled lightly - the streaming quality is dire.  It jumps from just watchable to blocky.  


Switch to netflix - absolutely fine no problem.


I am on 100mb virgin cable connection with the ps3 directly connected to my LAN. Nothing else is eating my bandwidth.


Is this a known problem?

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Re: Very poor quality on PS3

Hi Malovern,


Sorry you are having issues with the app, hopefully I can help.


CAn you tell me how much free space you have on your PS3's hdd.


500mb should be fine but 2gb or more may help.


Can you delete any NOW TV data from the Game data section of your XMB, then uninstall the app and restart the PS3.


Please then install the latest version of the app via the My Channels feed under TV/video services. Not via the PSN store, your download history or any other means.


Does the error persist?


Can you confirm your app version for me after this process (press triangle and select information on the app).


It may be helpful to do this for me both before and after the above process if possible.






NOW TV Team.