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Buffering, buffering and more buffering

Bought my new box yesterday and set-up was straight forward, so a good start. 


On beginning to use the service today however, I have managed to watch one live show which buffered at the end and one episode of on-demand. All other attempts to watch any channel, live or otherwise results in buffering. 


My broaddband d/l speed is 19.29mb/s with BT and the signal strength of my wi-fi connection is 'excellent' according to the Now TV box. I am therefore, understandably confused over what the issue is. And yes, I have switced it all off and on again :smileywink:


Anyone else experiencing a similar problem this evening?



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Re: Buffering, buffering and more buffering

Same... excellent signal but nothing plays just buffering...
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Re: Buffering, buffering and more buffering

why is this service being sold as it cannot keep up now with the people who bought it already so why oh why sell more 

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Re: Buffering, buffering and more buffering

1hr of Iplayer - perfect

5 hours of Demand 5- perfect

5 minutes trying to watch a movie on NowTV - buffered 8 times!


Verdict? LOL - what a crock of poo 

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Re: Buffering, buffering and more buffering

I've had similar problems but found that switching off other wirelessly connected devices in my house helped the buffering considerably. Obviously you shouldn't have to do that but it's worth a try.

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Re: Buffering, buffering and more buffering

Contact their Customer Support (IM works faster) and request a refund. I have constant buffering when watching Premier League on Sky Sports 1. Sky are acknowledging the issue but doing nothing about it. The more people who complain the better. Good luck

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Re: Buffering, buffering and more buffering

not fit for purpose sent it back 

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Re: Buffering, buffering and more buffering

Now tv used to work well. Now the service is getting popular the quality has dropped very quickly. Clearly sky did not put in enough server capabilities to handle the demand... bring back blockbuster.
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Re: Buffering, buffering and more buffering

complete agree bt infinity at highest speed ecellent wifi signal and guess what took over 2 hours and counting and still can't finish watching the purge which is a one hour 20 minute film guess won't be continuing after the free trial for this time waste


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Re: Buffering, buffering and more buffering

Hi Guys,

While we’re always looking into reported issues on our end we’re also keen to eliminate any contributing factors on the user's end to help aid our investigations and ensure we have the most accurate information .


the below is some really useful information courtesy of  one of our users:


There are many different settings that can cause issues, and many different factors as follows:


  • Number of devices conected to router similtaneously - more devices mean less bandwidth available to each - to establish if this is the cause, disconnect EVERYTHING except the NowTV box from your router.  Reset the router, re-test the NowTV box.



  • Compression of data - there may be different compression formats used between apps (athough unlikely) meaning that one app is faster because the data is compressed more.


  • Interference - okay this is a big one!  There are hundreds of things that can cause intereference in your house, from flourescent lights, to electrical wiring.  Try moving the NowTV box and trying in a different location - if the buffering issue disappears, then you have an issue with interference or wireless range.  If this is the case, move it back to the original location and remove surrounding items one by one and test again (items such as lights, electricals etc) - even the TV itself can cause the interference issue, so try the box positioned further from the TV but closer to the wifi router.  This can be tricky and annoying as other devices may work perfectly, but they may have better shielding against interference!


  • Range - again, check if it works better closer to the router - if so, then range is the issue.  Remember that you may think that all walls in your house are the same, but the signal will have a harder time getting through a wall full of bricks or a wall full of wiring, than it will getting through a plasterboard wall!


  • Check your router settings - give the NowTV box a priority connection of you can to ensure it gets best signal strength etc - most modern routers also allow you to choose streaming settings for devices etc.


  • Try a different wireless channel if you can, to avoid interference from other nearby connections

It may also be worth adjusting the the settings on your NOW TV Box, as outlined here.


We know how frustrating this is, and we are aware of issues affecting our customers but the more evidence we can give for this the more we can push this.