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Monthly sports pass

Status: Implemented
by nortz81 on ‎23-03-2013 15:36 - last edited on ‎12-05-2015 16:51 by Tom-R

Can't understand the logic in not offering sports package monthly. £9.99 per day is very steep and seems like a waste of effort on your part, surely a monthly sports package would draw lots of customers in, i was hoping that would be the case. Please can I ask you to consider the benefits of this for the customers also HD is a must. may need to act sooner rather then later.

Status: Implemented
by Div24 on ‎16-04-2013 21:41

Has NowTv consider instead of offering its customers day passes for sky sports that offer monthly subscription instead as more customers would prefer this.


offering a package of movies and sports at say 20/30 month would a great deal and I would take that offer

by green2 on ‎18-04-2013 21:11

and the docmentry channals would be nice

by sssam on ‎13-06-2013 10:29

You need a different price structure for watching Sky Sports. 


£5 a day

£10 a week

£30 a month


I would like to watch the US Open golf over the next 4 days - I am not going to pay £40 for the privelige. 


Last summer I happily paid SkyGo £30 a month for 3-4 months to have access to watching golf and cricket. I am sure lots of people would like to have the same flexibility to watch specific events over certain periods of time. Your current price structure does not cater to these people. 

by Stickman on ‎08-07-2013 12:36

Totally agree with the above.  I'm sure you used to be able to get SkyGo with no other Sky package - I live in rented accommodation where I cannot get Sky installed but I do have fibre broadband access.

Yesterday I went to look into signing up for a couple of months as it was the F1 and the Ashes start this week but they have removed that from the Sky website and over here day by day subscription is far too expensive.  At £50 a test match, you're having a laugh!

by john256 on ‎16-07-2013 16:24

I really want this too - specific packages for specific sporting events even better. e.g. for an F1 event you have 3 days of action, but only a couple of hours on each day. So £10 (based on current pricing) for F1 channel only for 3 days or something would be great.


Equally with the Ashes... it's just too expensive to pay for each day at £10 but equally I don't want sports package for something that's only on a few weeks.



by ediman on ‎04-08-2013 13:50

I used to want Sky Movies and Sky Sports (satellite) but did not want the Sky basic package (Sky Gold etc) but I was informed that taking the basic package was mandatory. However with the new Now TV service I though that my desire 'only to pay for channels I wanted to watch' had arrived. It appears to have done so for the Sky Movies in that I can pay £15 pm (once my discounted period ends) to get Sky Movies, but with Sky Sport I can only get a day pass which can be expensive if you watch a lots of sports.


Why not have the Sports set up as for the movies .e. £15 pm (or whatever) for access to unlimited Sky Sports e.g £30 per month for both Sky Movies and Sky Sports, which is what I watch without having to pay for channels I do not watch (such as are on the Sky basic package). £8.95 per day is expensive if you want to watch sports daily.

by NobbyPingPong on ‎08-08-2013 14:24

+1 for PPM please!


We're unable to get Sky where I live due to a massive amount of tall trees in the path of the satellite, and we're not in a cabled area. We used to receive Sky Sports via Top-Up TV until that was canned this year, so NowTV or a full Subscription just to use SkyGo are my only options...


I simply can't justify £10 for a day pass each time I want to watch a match, but would gladly pay £10-15ppm to access via NowTV.. I'm assuming there's quite a few people in this boat, so surely it would be generating more revenue by having people on-board on a ppm schedule, rather than losing their custom altogether?

by GraphiteGB Mentor 5 on ‎10-09-2013 23:52

Theres no way that contract free per month amount will be £15. Your dreaming. Sport is funded By the Year on year contract fees of the dish subscribers and they dont even get it for under £15 plus unlike movies. They still get extra funding from adverts during the events.

Movies is stupidly cheap compared to sports.


The movies cost on NowTV is about Double what the dish subscribers pay this is because theres no contract. you can jump ship at any time unlike the 24 months dish users are stuck with now. 


The contract free monthly fee for sport would be £25-£40...


Contract free won't be cheaper than the Full Dish service price.


Just like Ondemand contract free movies is more expensive than Subscribing to BD rental firms that send BD via postman... 


by alphawave on ‎25-09-2013 21:58

I'm spending so much on Sky Sports day passes that I would consider a month or year pass, well priced.


There is Sky Go and I would pay for Sky Sports as a Sky customer even with a contract just to get it online which is how I enjoy it at the moment, I get numerous day passes.


I can't get Sky through a television as we're not allowed satellites and we don't have a communal system (I Iive in a flat).


Does anyone else have an this issue?

by David100 on ‎02-10-2013 19:54

That's not true about the movies - to subscribe to Sky Movies with a dish without Sports it's £16 a month, so £1 more than with Now TV. You only get it for half price if you also subscribe to the Sports. That said I agree Sports on Now TV would be more than £15 a month if they went down that route, probably £20, but I can't see it happening sadly.