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Activating my NowTV subscription

Last year my daughter subscribed to NowTV for a short while via her Playstation 3, and also registered the family's XBox360 as s second device. She later cancelled her subscription. Yesterday I (her father) subscribed myself to a 30-day free trial via your website, with the aim of viewing NowTV via the family XBox mentioned above. However I am assuming the XBox is still registered as a "second device" on my daughter's old (cancelled) subscription, as  I am so far unable to view anything on NowTV (it still asks me to subscribe even though I have already done so). Unfortunately we are unable to "un-register" the XBox from my daughter's old (cancelled) account as i) she no longer remembers her username, and ii) the e-mail she gave for correspondence purposes was her partner's who she has since split up from (she therefore has no access to that e-mail). Therefore we cannot access my daughter's old NowTV account to un-register the family XBox, which would presumably allow my 30-day free trial to commence. How can we resolve this situation to allow me to activate my 30-day free trial and start watching films on NowTV?   

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Re: Activating my NowTV subscription

Hi Batfink1970,


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Since this query involves sensitive account information I have sent you a private message.